Tour An Interior & Furniture Designer’s Home in Greensboro, NC (and find out why she left NYC!)

After living for a period in New York City, esteemed Interior & Furniture Designer Elizabeth Wicker knew that her future was back in Greensboro, North Carolina. Take a tour of her dreamy home that she has been perfecting over the past six years, and hear why the sought-after Irving Park neighborhood has all of the energy and convenience you could ever need. 

“Greensboro has a lot to offer, but it still has that quaint city feel.”   – Elizabeth Wicker 

Greensboro is a growing mid-sized city with a rich history, high quality of life (yet a competitive cost of living), and booming industry. Some of the best, most creative furniture and interior designers reside in Greensboro-High Point, as do brilliant minds in aerospace and aviation, advanced manufacturing and life sciences.

The Greensboro-High Point real estate market is hard to beat; buyers (and renters) have a wide variety of homes and neighborhoods to choose from, and the typical home value in the metro region is approximately $170,000. Homeownership has never been so possible!

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